Water Features

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A water garden or water feature can bring nature into your yard. If you have always loved fish, turtles, frogs and toads, then you may want to consider adding a water feature from Strick Landscaping, LLC. There is adventurous spirit beneath the surface of every serious water gardening enthusiast that’s just waiting to be expressed. They understand that in order to create that perfect aquatic, backyard paradise, you better be smart enough to work in harmony with nature and never against it.

Strick Landscape LLC offers complete and comprehensive maintenance packages. Rest assured that when you call and hire our pond professionals to start up and maintain your water feature, your only concern is to sit back and enjoy your very own little piece of paradise!


Some clients seem concerned if they see any algae in their pond. Some algae must be present and is a sign of a well balanced Ecosystem! Excess algae are a sign of a water imbalance. Typically this results from overfeeding fish, lawn fertilizer application, or other outside variables that the water feature has been exposed to. Our experts can diagnose and help remedy these problems for you!