Plant Installation

Proper installation is vital to the success of new plant material. Annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs all require special needs to be met during installation. Also, needs vary within these respective groups. Soil conditions and preparations, hole size, root conditions, and light and water requirements all factor into a successful installation.


Discover the beauty of our lineup of unique and beautiful flowering shrubs. They have been carefully selected to provide seasons of color with very little care.


Many of the varieties have colorful foliage that look good even after blooming. Other selections are compact or dwarf in habit, meaning they don’t require as much pruning or care. Still others have interesting fruit or autumn color to extend the season.


Our trees, bushes and perennials are all hand-picked to fit your landscape. We have extensive experience in unusual plantings as well, such as urban rooftop landscape, commercial atriums, streetscape, and storm water wetlands mitigation.

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